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The look and feel of natural stone, but so much more durable and easier to maintain.

SilkSurface was born out of the fall from grace of Engineered Stone. With its extremely high silica content, Engineered Stone proved to be a killer (literally) for stone masons. But Australia loved that look and feel of natural stone.

By perfecting a manufacturing technique, SilkSurface creates the look and durability we want in our homes but uses safe materials to do so. A blend of bauxite (aluminium hydroxide) and a modified acrylic, each SilkSurface sheet is formed under 400 tons of pressure before being diamond polished to create its hard and durable surface.

While SilkSurface is tough, it is still very efficient for your installer to fabricate. It can be cut, sanded and polished exactly like timber. This means should you scratch or damage your benchtop, unlike natural stone, you can easily repair it in place. Our SilkSurface Care Kit has everything you need to polish your benchtop to its original shine.

Care and Maintenance

How durable is SilkSurface?

We’re so glad you asked! Check out this video to see how durable, easy to maintain and repairable a SilkSurface benchtop is.

From curry and red wine stains to extreme heat tests – this video will show you why you will love your SilkSurface benchtop.

What’s it made of?

What is SilkSurface?

SilkSurface is made from tried and tested materials that have been used in ‘solid surface’ benchtops for years. But, a completely new manufacturing technique creates the look and feel of stone.


Why is Government Banning Stone?

Safe Work Australia has recommended that the government should completely ban engineered stone. Why?

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